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In this series of posts, I will show you how to build a cantilever sliding gate from scratch. The picture below shows the before-and-after of my project… continue on yu.xueming.org. Updates: my blog has moved! Check out yu.xueming.org. Replace the old double wood swing gate what is manual with automatic cantilever sliding gate【Get Price】

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READ MORE about Measuring up a Sliding Gate. If you do need to rake your gate then it's best to draw the profile of your driveway to scale from your measurements on paper or with your favourite CAD program. Then draw your gate allowing the bottom rail to be 50mm (2") above the ground where the wheels are to get the correct angle and rise of the ...【Get Price】

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A cantilever gate should be installed on a level plane so that the gate can roll in both directions without having additional gravitational pull as a result of the weight of the gate. Slight adjustments can be made to allow for some minor slope, however, too much slope and the gate could prove to be dangerous while rolling downhill.【Get Price】

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A gate like this is pretty heavy and will tend to lean towards the opposite side of the hinges. Therefore, you want to make sure there will be some clearance for the gate to smoothly open. While I didn't take a picture during the process of installing the header, now is a good time do so, if your gate is going to require one.【Get Price】

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A sliding gate can be manual or automatic, wood or metal, large or small. This article describes how to make a simple, manually operated wooden sliding gate measuring 4 feet high and 6 feet long. The gate hardware consists of two V-wheels with mounting bolts, a roller track, two guide rollers and a gate stopper.【Get Price】

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Sectional Sliding Gates are a great alternative to swing gates where higher security levels are requires and where there's not enough space to for a standard sliding gate to slide open. Swing gates are easily pushed open in a double configuration and when there are not extra locks fitted.【Get Price】

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The kit cost $1850 and they saved over $3000 by doing it themselves! This sliding gate would have been valued at $5000 if a gate company was to build it! Size of sliding gate: 3000mmWx1800mmH. It was delivered in Queenscliff, in Victoria.【Get Price】

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Time to replace the double hinged driveway gates with a single sliding gate. Why? For both practical reasons and convenience. The existing gates were only a couple of years old and still worked fine (you can see the making of them here), but because of an uphill driveway, they were purpose-made with an ‘under-gate extension’ device that had to be raised every time the gates were used.【Get Price】

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You need to make sure that hanging the gate won't pull the posts to one side. The way you anchor the post will depend on the size of the fence, but in general, you need to make sure the post doesn't wiggle with weight. If it can be easily moved, the gate will sag. You should also check and see that the post is level, straight up and down.【Get Price】