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Fix Gaps between Boards in a Hardwood Floor. You generally have three options for fixing gaps in a floor: To avoid seasonal gaps, you can limit the variation in humidity in the house. In the winter, this can be achieved with a whole house humidifier that connects to the furnace.【Get Price】

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It is common to have gaps in hardwood floor after installation or when the floor gets old. This happen when wood loses its moisture content. Gaps in wood floor are influenced by factors such as indoor humidity levels, weather changes, radiant heat below and negligibly by installation or milling errors.【Get Price】

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If your wood floor shows gaps in the winter, wait until the spring, when the indoor environment regains moisture to see if the gaps close up. If gaps remain, or the floor is old, it is possible to ...【Get Price】

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In this video, This Old House contractor Tom Silva explains how to fill gaps in a wide-plank wood floor. Steps: 1 Scrape debris from between flooring planks with putty knife or painter's tool. 2 Vacuum floor clean of all dust and debris. 3 If desired, tint rope with wood stain to match floor; let dry.【Get Price】

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How to Fix Old Hardwood Floors With Gaps and Cupping. Wood expands and contracts with seasonal differences in humidity, and the older a floor gets, the greater the chance that these movements will ...【Get Price】

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Filling Large Gaps in Old Wood Floors If you cannot fix the problem by installing a humidifier, you may need to take more drastic action when it comes to filling wide gaps. There are many different ways to go about correcting this type of issue, but we will dive into the most common.【Get Price】

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Putty fillers were once a mainstay of hardwood floor repair. Over time, however, the putty hardens, chips, and flakes. This leaves your floor looking even worse, and requiring you to dig out the old putty and replace it. For this reason, very few floor experts will still suggest using a putty filler. Wax as Prevention【Get Price】

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How to Fill in Gaps in Wooden Floors. Over the course of a year, your floorboards will shrink and expand because of fluctuations in temperature and humidity. These shifts often lead to gaps appearing in your wood floor.[v161475_b01]. 15...【Get Price】

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Scrape out the gaps with a painter's 5-in-1 tool or flat-head screwdriver, removing all dirt and old putty from the gaps. Be careful not to damage the edges of the adjoining floorboards. Vacuum the loose debris from the gaps with a shop vacuum. Repeat scraping and vacuuming until the gaps are clear.【Get Price】