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Anti-Termite Wood Treatment Evercrete Everwood is a non-toxic wood protectant. It uses a penetrating alkali-activated silica gel that seals, hardens and preserves wood panels, making the wood impervious to termite attacks and extending the lifetime of most wooden structures.【Get Price】

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Termites are found mostly in subtropical and tropical places like Singapore. Our experience in termite pest control has made us aware that termite infestations can have grave consequences economically, as they can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantations.【Get Price】

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Anti-termite treatment for your timber supplies (Timber & ceiling battens) There are multiple forms of wood treatment to prevent termites infestation. Namely soil treatment (pre-construction), corrective treatment (post-construction), trenching / rodding (post-construction) and roof treatment (raw wood).【Get Price】

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Anti-termite treatment in Singapore is a prevention termite treatment for your property. It can be done, pre-construction and post-construction of your property. It is a known fact that all building in before its construction, anti termite treatment will be conducted to ensure that that the property especially all the foundation wall will be ...【Get Price】

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In Short why Wood Plastic Composite will be used for outdoor decking -: Long Life Spent – The wood plastic composite (wpc) board has an excellent performance. It is anti-UV rays, waterproof, anti-cracking and moth proof. This board has a much longer life in comparison to the wood board. It can last from 20 to 30 years.【Get Price】

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Garden termites always happen in landscape areas. They feed on tree shrubs or rotten wood. Both dampwood termites and subterranean termites live beneath the soil, unlike drywood termites. Garden termites hardly go into your home as they prefer mostly soil area. Anti-termite treatment in Singapore is the best from termite intrusion.【Get Price】

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Solignum Colourless AZ is a clear wood preservative for the treatment of new and existing external and internal timbers out of ground or above the damp proof course. Solignum Colorlous AZ penetrates the wood, protecting it against wood-rotting, fungi and wood boring insects and eradicating the latter.【Get Price】

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Our company indulged in the manufacturing of WPC Boards (wood-plastic components) in Singapore and distribute it to island wide for a clean and eco-friendly environment. Been a Singapore originated product, WPC board is expected to serve as a trade mark in the architectural sector. Now, we are incorporated in Singapore as a private limited company and our company is in existence since 2012 and ...【Get Price】

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Termite-proof Wood Flooring in Singapore - Termites become noticeable after damage has taken place, it is good to involve professional when you detect them. ... It is made of premium grade composite and a top finishing that is water-resistant, making the termite-proof flooring. ... •They offer anti-bacterial laminate flooring【Get Price】