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Whether you're looking to match colors for a fence post replacement or want to add a weathered look to your woodworking project, the solution is oxidization. The tannins found in tea, mixed with the iron content of steel wool and the acid found in vinegar create instant wood oxidization upon application.【Get Price】

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How to Prevent a Cedar Fence From Graying. New cedar wood fencing features a natural reddish coloring -- a desired characteristic for most people who choose to build with cedar. If left untreated ...【Get Price】

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Causes of a gray fence. One of the biggest reasons for your fence turning gray is the sun. The sun’s UV rays erode the outer layer of the wood, which gives it its lovely color. Once the outer layer of the wood has started to decay, it makes it difficult for the wood to produce its natural oils, so it will begin to dry out and lose color.【Get Price】

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When sunburn and windburn peels dead skin flakes off it gives way to new skin, and the grey patina you get on untreated or neglected wood is caused by layers of dead wood fibres. Even sealed wood will go silvery over time and because dead wood can’t regenerate fresh fibres, you need to do the job on its behalf.【Get Price】

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Therefore, if you don’t plan to meticulously maintain your stained backyard fence, let it weather and it will turn a green grey or taupe shade like this: This is my backyard fence with espalier apple trees growing along the fence. It would be really hard to maintain this every two years if I stained it.【Get Price】

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Tips On Aging Wood With a Vinegar - Iron Oxide Solution . This finish varies with the type of wood it is applied to, the roughness of the wood, (rough wood absorbs the solution more readily) and the strength of the solution. Balsa and basswood will turn gray or dark brown (depending on the solution strength). Oak will blacken.【Get Price】

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Why Does Wood Turn Grey? The natural weathering process of wood is a combination of chemical, mechanical, biological and light-induced changes, all of which occur simultaneously and affect each other. For instance, as air moves over the surface of a wood deck, dust, pollen, dirt, and air pollutants replace the exposed colored cells of the wood.【Get Price】

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It is possible that some of your neighbors decided that a natural patina of weathered grey looks appropriate on their fence boards. The dulling of wood fibers occurs if the fence boards are left un-sealed or bare for several seasons. The greyish white tone that develops is mostly due to the bombardment of U.V rays from the sun.【Get Price】

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The subdivision I live in has a lot of wood fencing which is gray and falling apart. Our association has finally replaced some of the pieces that literally fell off the fence, but they’re replacing them again with unfinished lumber which is already starting to turn gray since last summer.【Get Price】