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Deck posts should be centered on their footings. Depending on the post base used, the accuracy of the footing layout can be critical. Some post bases—Simpson’s CBSQ, for example—require a minimum of 3 in. between the edges of the concrete and the sides of the base.【Get Price】

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Large beams call for larger-than-average supports—4x6 posts and 12-inch-diameter footings. Expect to spend four to five hours building batterboards, figuring out the layout, stretching lines, and determining footing locations. To lay out the deck, you need to be able to measure and check for square, fasten screws, and pound stakes.【Get Price】

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Attach the post brackets to the anchor bolts. Only after the cement is completely dry. Attach posts to brackets. Cut the posts to the correct height. Measure down from the door leading to the deck the width of the beams, joists, boards plus at least 3 inches (or to whatever your local code requires).【Get Price】

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Use the dimensions on the footing plan to lay out the footings in your yard. This process works best with two people with 50' cloth tape measures. Set the tapes at an even height at the points indicated along the house, and pull the tapes to match the measurements for each dimension corresponding to the plan.【Get Price】

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Setting the posts for your deck requires careful work, but it can also be exciting because the posts are the first visible sign that your deck is going up. Even though you still have a lot of work to do after you set the posts, getting them up can make you feel like you're halfway there.【Get Price】

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A properly built deck starts with posts that are square. As with all structures, a long-lasting, durable and solid deck depends on a proper foundation. The foundation of a deck that rests on posts should be properly laid out, which involves making sure the posts are square.【Get Price】

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Layout and Footing Locations. Starting with your perimeter, mark the location of each deck post to locate the fitting position. In general, posts should be spaced no more than 8 feet apart. Some builders position them every 4 feet for a completely rigid frame. The maximum distance between footings is determined by the size of your joist material.【Get Price】