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How to Build a Raised Bed using Landscaping Timbers ...

Get 2 pieces of 4-foot long timber and 2 pieces 8-foot long landscaping timber. Set them down on the portion of the garden that you want to be elevated. Form a rectangle on the ground, enclosing the portion that will be in the elevated box. Mark the inner and outer perimeter ground with a shovel or spade.【Get Price】

How to Build a Landscape Timber Planter Box | Home Guides ...

How to Build a Landscape Timber Planter Box. A home landscaper working with sandy or clay soil doesn't have to give up on gardening. Building a raised planter box with landscape timbers makes the ...【Get Price】

DIY Raised Garden Bed With Landscaping Timbers

STEP 1 – Purchase 8′ landscaping timbers, stakes, wood oil stain, garden soil, rebar, etc. STEP 2 – Cut the timbers so you have an 8′ x 4′ garden box. Once cut put them in the yard and do a test fit.【Get Price】

How to Build Raised Planters With Landscape Timber | Home ...

1. Measure and cut four landscape timbers to the desired length and width of the raised planter. Avoid making the width wider than 4 or 5 feet, so you can access plants easily in the center of the ...【Get Price】

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Dig a 6-inch-deep trench along the painted lines and as wide as one landscape timber. Place a landscape timber in each trench with the 4-foot sections resting inside the 8-foot sections. Lay another landscape timber on top of this first layer, nail in place with the nails on each end of the timbers, and equally spaced along the timber.【Get Price】